Autoimmune Disease and Medical Cannabis

There are varying opinions on medical cannabis and very little information online for autoimmune sufferers.  Finding real testimonies from real people can be a challenge. We asked our Facebook community if they have tried Medical Cannabis and what their results were. Leave a comment on this post if you’ve tried it and what you thought!

Comments from our Facebook friends:

I have so much that I can share I can actually write a book LOL. I have Lupus, fibro, arthritis, neuropathy, Interstitial cystitis and numerous other autoimmune and health conditions. I actually have 15 different autoimmune diseases!!  Lupus, fibro, arthritis, neuropathy, Interstitial cystitis and numerous other autoimmune and health conditions. I actually have 15 different autoimmune diseases!! Life has definitely been a roller-coaster and I suffered for many years. Procedures, surgeries, lots of appointments with specialists in ER visits. Medication after medication. It wasn’t until I discovered the medicinal power of cannabis. At one time I was on 22 medications. I am now down to only two. Cannabis and CBD have given me my life back. There was a time where I could barely get out of bed and at a point in my life that I couldn’t even walk. Through making major lifestyle changes and learning about how stress affects my autonomic nervous system I was able to control a lot. Medical marijuana, cannabis and CBD has definitely been a life-changer for me. So much that I actually decided to become an advocate and get cannabinoid certified. I now help others and let them know that there is hope. My insomnia is better, anxiety, depression , pain and so much more. I’m utterly grateful for cannabis!❤  Btw…over 2 years OPIOD FREE!!!

-Christy Ortiz

Yes I’ve tried it for both rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I took medicinal canabis tablets for about 3 months along with my prescription drugs. 3 years later I’ve had no symptoms or flare ups and I’m completely off my prescription drugs!!

-Cass Bond

I have been able to come off the majority of my pills and shots. I was blind in my 20s from cataracts due to long term prendisone use, I have gasteroperesis from long term Zolfran use (I used Zolfran to combat the vomiting and nausea from Methotrexate and other biologics), peptic ulcers, kidney stones, liver problems, neuropathy, blood pressure drops, fainting, and more ALL due to phamacuticals used to treat my JIA. CBD and THC have saved my life. Being able to go off medicines and less Dr and ER visits saves me so much money.
-Melanie Marrandino Roach

I have completely gone off all biologics ( it gave me pre cancer) and just using cannabis and ive been in full remission for 3 yrs. I take a few norco everyday for i have had RA all my life im 45..

-Christina Van Zant

Cannabis, medical and otherwise is illegal in the backward state that I live in. I would love to try it but don’t know where to go (off the grid) and asking my very Christian doctor might cause me to lose him as my rheumatologist. There are few rheumatologists in this town as it is.

-Brenda Calhoun

Yes, and haven’t had a major flare since I started. I attribute most of my benefit to CBD and its ability to lessen inflammation in the body, but do use a vape as needed for pain as well.

-Wendy Mathisen

I have stopped my sleeping pills and pain meds because of it. Wonderful addition!

-Adrienne Michelle Staton

Unfortunately I’m one of the unlucky few that marijuana has no effect on.. I’ve smoked joints, hit bongs, and ate brownies, and nothing.. not even a high.. just the same old pain..

-Johnny Barber

It’s not legal where I live. I have tried hemp oil which helps a little bit

-Pamela Davis

I swear by it. My joint pain and swelling has never responded to pain meds until I got my medical card. A simple gummy or a quick toke of a joint relieves my pain like nothing else can. I’ll never go back.

-KathIeen Brodeur

VA is trying to make it legal now. After my father got Lymphoma from Humira my thoughts on cannabis have totally changed. The number of drugs they through at my dad and oxy and all that for pain wreaked havoc. But he did get his hands on some fortunately and it made a difference…And I just wished he could have found that out prior to the humira, the humira DEBT that caused them to have to sell our family home and the cancer =( I’m praying we can make this available to everyone.

-Lisa Fucci

I wish I could try it. My work has random drug testing and I could get fired. Which sucks! I think it would help so much!

-Denise Washburn Mengerink

I have MS and Celiac disease. I went from taking 28 pills a day, 1 weekly injection and 1 bi weekly injection to taking one single pill a day. I feel better on cbd and Canabis than I ever did on any of those meds and I don’t have the side effects. It’s improved my anxiety and depression as well. I was so hesitant to try that it took years of convincing before I would and now I wish I hadn’t waited so long!

-Samantha Bibelheimer

I have been off Actemra ( didn’t appear to work) and prednisolone since Oct 7, using food grade hemp seed oil ( CBD only) since August 27 for difficult to treat RA. Inflammatory markers down, and felt so much better in a few days. However have had a flare Christmas/ New Year and had to take a paracetamol for a few days. All good now. Do still wake up with stiffness but pain virtually disappeared. I didn’t think this was possible. Waiting to proclaim any success though until reaching 12 month mark. So far so good.

-Diny Monaghan

Comments from our Instagram community:

It saved me from my night time wake up pain (where the ache is so bad, you’re dying) 🌱 I use cannabis and I make my own products. I’m lucky to live in a state where I can.. 👣


I replaced most of my meds with CBD & medical marijuana and I’m doing much better. In fact, I used them to successfully get of opioids, and I write about the benefits now.


CBD gave me amazing sleep! But I stopped after concerns about it affecting my contraceptive pill


I use a high CBD/low THC oral tincture every day. I have been able to stop using methotrexate and am now just on Orencia.


Haven’t used it but I work with chronic pain management and have Ra myself. Just listened to a presentation the other day at work about the positive effects of CBD in inflammatory conditions. The studies presented had the best effect for RA and Chrohns. I’m considering starting it for myself


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